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Southeast of the city center, lies a beautiful neighborhood of Antwerp: Zurenborg.

This area was one of the few parts of the modern city that was actually planned (and not simply a result of industrial necessity) to transform it in the early 20th century. The result: A varied collection of Belle Époque, neoclassical, and Art Nouveau town houses.

Its urban palaces once housed the city’s bourgeoisie, while the vibrant Dageraadplaats was designed for the middle class. And has become a popular spot for Antwerp’s fashionable “bobo” crowd, with numerous charming bars and cafes in the vicinity.

Don’t forget to mark a visit to PAKT and the De Koninck brewery site next to YUST.
As you may be aware, YUST is our sister company. We believe that Sheltr residents deserve a little something extra, which is why we offer numerous additional services available at YUST. You will have the opportunity to benefit from these services during your stay with us.

Sheltr’s most wanted

  • YUST (food & events)
  • Orso (food)
  • Walvis (food)
  • Café Stanny (bar)
  • Ampere (club)
  • PAKT (food)
  • Bobby (bar)
  • Bar Vert (food)
  • Eppo (food)

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