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Antwerp’s Harmonie quarter is a well-kept secret. A tourist attraction it is not, but for an afternoon of elegance, this is the place to be. The neighbourhood combines lavish nineteenth-century homes and ornate parks with a rich array of new coffee shops and restaurants.

Among the willow trees, a grandfather and his grandson play with a glider, further away a cute couple sits on a bench enjoying the peace, while a sporty young woman starts her weekend with her daily run.

The Harmonie neighbourhood used to be outside the city walls, where rich city dwellers came here for the fresh air. The legacy of the few castles and country houses they left are mind-blowing.

If you’re in a hangry mood, the Troonplaats is the place. The home of plenty of bars and restaurants and a true hot spot in Antwerp.

Colonel Coffee is one of them and this trendy coffee shop got an extra highlight thanks to this  monochrome portrait, The Colonel. Based on a painting by multitalented Charlotte De Cock.

Sheltr’s most wanted

  • Nordica 31 (lunch)
  • Finch (food)
  • A Tavola (food)
  • Camion (food)
  • Bar Raket (food)
  • Walrus (food)
  • Mission Masala (food)
  • Leo (bakery)
  • Nives (lunch)
  • CafĂ© Kamiel (bar)
  • Colonel Coffee

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