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Borgerhout, or BoHo as the locals aptly call it, stays a hidden gem in many ways.

The area, near Central Station, is filled with gritty bars and clubs that cater to the alternative crowd. The vibe is raw, unpretentious, and the crowd is eclectic and diverse. Borgerhout is for those who want an authentic, edgy night out in a vibrant and exciting area that is brimming with energy. Elegant bars with vintage vibes and cool clubs dot the area, while venues like Trix and De Roma stage rock and indie concerts.

BoHO is the home to several parks, which offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a great place to relax and soak up some sun during the summer months.

In conclusion, Borgerhout has been taken over by the creative brains of the city. And have made this upcoming area, a real urban hub. It is here where you discover a mix of multicultural vibes and  wonderful new bar/food concepts by Antwerp’s finest.

Sheltr’s most wanted

  • De Roma (concert hall)
  • Pekfabrik (club)
  • Plaza Real (bar)
  • Briquet (food)
  • Bar Leon (bar)
  • Essen (food)
  • Loes & Krikke (food)
  • Mombasa (bar)
  • Cafe Commercial (food)
  • Borgerhub (shop)
  • Centers (shops)
  • Viggo’s (coffee)
  • Sibon (food)
  • Hoøk (lunch)
  • Skate(Park) Spoor Noord
  • Trix (music)
  • Rivierenhof (park)
  • Chinatown (culture)

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