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Het Eilandje“, also known as the “Island” area of Antwerp, due to the surroundings of water all around. It is the place where city and port meet.

With the expansion of the port in the 20th century, the Island was a place of quays, docks and warehouses. A place where loading and unloading was a daily occurrence. Today, this old port, in the north of the city, is getting a second life as an urban district on the border of the old city centre and the 19th-century belt.

The architecture in Eilandje is also a major draw, with a mix of old and new buildings, including the iconic Red Star Line Museum, which tells the story of the thousands of immigrants who passed through Antwerp on their way to the New World.

The MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) is a piece of beautiful architecture combined with an impressive museum collection. At the very top, the large roof terrace offers a magnificent view of the entire city.

One of the highlights of Eilandje is its waterfront promenade, which offers stunning views of the city and the river. You can take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge, stop for a drink or a bite to eat at one of the many outdoor cafes, or even take a boat tour of the canals. You can even take the free watertaxi to Linkeroever (Left Bank) to enjoy the best views of the city in a quite atmosphere.

Sheltr’s most wanted

  • MAS (culture)
  • Club Vaag (club)
  • Bistrot l’îlot (food)
  • Bar Paniek (summer bar)
  • Cordoba (bar)
  • Bar Brut (bar)
  • Instroom (food)
  • Licht Ter Dokken (bar)
  • Fiskeskur (food)
  • Black & Yellow (coffee)

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