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Inspiring CoLiving spaces for the modern thinker

Sheltr offers an unbeatable rent formula, combining price & quality. Thé sustainable answer to traditional housing by reducing your footprint, less spending and guaranteed fun.

Coliving at Sheltr means…

① Private rooms (and bathrooms) with shared living spaces.

Fully equipped & energy-efficient renovations with cutting edge refinement.

③ Living worry-free: Minimise your downtime organising your household. Just bring your stuff, we’ll take care of the rest.

④ Connecting with likeminded people! Why live alone, if you can share stories, food, music and thoughts? It will give you the most amazing insights.

Flexible lease contract (domicile registration) with a minimum stay of 3 months.

An all inclusive rate with no additional costs (starting at 750€/month) provides you with hotel-like amenities, an amazing house with shared spaces and your own private area.

Humans are social animals. By connecting to likeminded people and living in mutual respect to one another, you create a unique living experience.

“Core urban areas are seeing a continues growth, which creates a huge shortage of refined, yet affordable housing. CoLiving offers that ultimate alternative to urban living.”

Sheltr is a place for cowboys. For single lovers, dandies and stockbrokers. For tour guides and sommeliers. Poets and firemen. Sheltr is a place for everyone who is seeking a unique living experience. Everyone can apply for a room.