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CoLiving worry-free

The key feature of our Sheltr program is to live an unworried life. Our aim is to fully relieve you of your housing worries and make all the tedious, organisational parts of living our job.

Plug & Play

Finding a place can be a real pain in the ★ss. There is nothing more annoying than administrative burden. Our cost-effective program makes it as easy as possible for the end-consumer to start to live.

A true hotel service y’all!

Our goal is to relieve you from any imaginable household activities, and that includes cleaning. Our amazing housekeeping team will ➀ clean the common areas on a weekly basis and ensure that your rooms are sparkling clean. ➁ Additionally, they will replace your bed linens and towels every two weeks.

Convinced? Find your favourite new home or discover the city of Antwerp!