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City Center. What Else.

The Center is the obvious place for shopping. So if you’re in a spending mood, this is the place. Walk around De Wilde Zee, Kammenstraat and Steenhouwersvest to find numerous retail shops, Antwerp handicrafts and chocolate craftsmen. Continue your trip through the Kloosterstraat if you’re into vintage furniture & design.

The Theatre Square with its magnificent canopy is a place to pause for a moment. Go for shrimp croquettes at Satudays market and have a drink at Graanmarkt Square later on.

We highly recommend visiting the MoMu (Fashion Museum) in Antwerp. While you’re there, make sure to explore the surrounding fashion district, which boasts shops by renowned designers like Dries Van Noten, Arte, and Wouter & Hendrickx. These shops offer a perfect snapshot of what Antwerp fashion is all about.

Sheltr’s most wanted

  • Camino (food)
  • Roscam (food)
  • Falafeltof (food)
  • Loa (food)
  • Osaka (food)
  • Boer Van Tienen (bar)
  • Capital (club)
  • Vier (shop)
  • Cuperus (coffee)
  • Duifkens (bar)
  • Arme Duivel (food)
  • Titulus (wine)
  • Ossip (food)
  • V-Pizza (food)
  • Vlaaikensgang (culture)
  • Antwerp Zoo (nature)
  • Copyright (bookshop)

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