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Sheltr ZE26

Location: Emiel Banningstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp
Number of rooms: 12
Surface: 385 sqm
Patio surface: 20 sqm
Rooftop Terrace: 30 sqm
Floors: 4


Entirely furnished with cutting edge refinement
Spacious common areas
Highly stylish living room
Fully equipped kitchen
Ultra cosy dining area
Storage room
Laundromat with 2 washing machines and a dryer
Rooftop outdoor area for the sun worshipper



Gas, electricity, water
Fully furnished house and rooms
High-speed WIFI
Weekly cleaning of the common areas
Bimonthly cleaning of private rooms
Bimonthly linnen & towel change
General maintenance products
TV and sound system
Toilet paper for shared WC
Dishwasher tablets
Waste disposal credit
Usage of machines
Filtered tap water
Special welcome pack



Besides serving as a dining area, this ultra comfy area on the ground floor, is frequently utilized as a coworking space during business hours. Feel free to take a seat at this Danish-designed boardroom table and draw inspiration from the people around you.


As a resident of Sheltr, you enjoy a bi-monthly linen & towel replacement.
This will be done at the same time of room cleaning.


We like to keep it clean & tidy. I hope you do too.
Our goal to relieve you from any imaginable household activities. That includes cleaning!



We encourage a lifestyle that respects each other’s values. We are a sustainable cohabitation with strict house rules and thereby binding contract, with emphasis on noise, rubbish and sustainability.

We have implemented our 10 commandments which define our values:

  1. Respect each other & your neighbors.
  2. Communication can solve any problem.
  3. Peace & Quite hours between 10pm – 8am.
  4. Turn off lighting when leaving. Energy is your future.
  5. Save water. And it will save you.
  6. Remember that dishes don’t clean themselves.
  7. No Smoking. You’re already smoking hot.
  8. Clean up your own mess.
  9. Let your housemates know when you’re having someone over.
  10. Think Planet. Live Plastic Free & Consume with care.


Shared housing is based on a common life project that encourages the inhabitants to get in touch with each other and to become independent. It respects the diversity of the inhabitants and pools a number of social and cultural resources. Shared housing is based on a philosophy of common life that translates into solidarity, participation, citizenship, conviviality, ecology, cooperation, the sharing of equipment and services and a better quality of life!